How to choose Anti-Theft Physical Recoiler for your products

anti-theft physical recoiler


When you want to install a anti-theft system, you are often recommended to use Anti-Theft Physical Recoiler, but everyone does not know much about this product. When choosing to buy and use, there will Everyone focuses on how we can buy the right Anti-theft Physical Recoiler.

One: See the type of product

Usually Anti-Theft Physical Recoiler is divided into two types, which are anti-theft hard labels and soft labels. You can choose hard labels such as clothes, milk powder cans such as clothes, milk powder cans. Use anti -theft soft labels on the packaging. The hard labels that need to be noted can be reused, and the soft label is disposable.

Two: look at the value of the product

Everyone knows that the price and quality of the product is different. We can also choose different Anti-Theft Physical Recoiler according to the need for anti-theft products. Like gold and silver jewelry, liquor red wine, etc., it is recommended to use good quality Anti-theft Physical Recoiler to prevent theft, because such label products are good, high sensitivity, and the best anti-theft effect on the product.

anti-theft physical recoiler