Fume Purification Integrated System Basic Plan

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The ash layer of the workshop is large. How to use a bag dust collector for dust removal. First of all, the dust collector is equipped. Each factory building with conditions must be equipped with a bag dust collector. At present, many dust collectors cannot achieve the expected dust removal effect after a period of use. After the original basis, it cannot be dealt with, and the dust emissions effect is very poor, and the environmental pollution is large.

Then we should formulate a solution to the dust collector. The first thing we need to do is of course to remove our original dust collector. Remove the large particles in the dust to extend the service life of the bag dust collector filter bag. Then replace the dust bag, which is that the key large particles and the cohesion of dust can be stayed on it, so the original dust collector's use is not effective.

We will find after some time afterwards that the new Fume Purification Integrated System will increase new dust particles. At this time, we must clean up the fan in time, and the anti -blowing air flow with sufficient momentum is blowing into the filter pocket mouth from the rotary arm mouth. This can be effectively cleaned up quickly, and the Fume Purification Integrated System can be used normally.

fume purification integrated system https://www.kaisenfilter.com/About.html